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The Closing Of The Conservative Mind

I hate it when people read the Plank and complain, "Why aren't you writing about X?" That said, I just clicked over to the Corner because I was curious to see the conservative response to Obama's big Af-Pak speech this morning and what did I find? Crickets. Here you've got Mark Steyn continuing with his and other conservatives' stupid teleprompter obsession and making boob jokes. K-Lo's writing about "24." And Jay Nordlinger is saying that Obama really, really reminds him of Jimmy Carter--at the precise moment that Obama is making a foreign policy announcement that would seem to conform with a lot of conservative foreign policy goals. (At least Michael Goldfarb seems to think so.) And conservatives hold themselves up as being more serious about foreign policy and the military? 

P.S. To be fair, Michael Rubin does have something on Iran, which is at least next to Afghanistan.

--Jason Zengerle