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Another Version Of 'the Office'? Oy Vey

You saw the UK version, you saw the US version. Now get ready for... the Israeli version?

The cast will include a variety of Israeli types - an Arab warehouse manager, an ultra-Orthodox saleswoman and a bitter Russian accountant. The Israeli answer to David Brent, the obnoxious boss of the U.K. program, will be named Avi Meshulam, though an actor has yet to be pegged for the role.

This is the sixth international copy of the British series, following successful runs in Canada (acted in French), Chile, Russia, Germany, and an Emmy-awarding winning U.S. version with Steve Carell portraying a tactless American version of Brent by the name of Michael Scott.

In response to the news, Gervais told the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, "I am thrilled and amazed that Israel is making 'The Office' with local writers, directors and actors. I mean, who ever heard of Jewish entertainers?" 

--Michael Crowley