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Not Exactly A Love Fest: European Headlines About The G20

Der Spiegel says Merkel and Sarkozy are "getting everything they asked for."  

Berlusconi says Italy will follow Germany and France's lead, an Italian news agency reports.

Summits are all about conspicuous consumption--and even in the economic crisis, the G20, sadly, is no exception, says the Times's Ben Macintyre.   

Daily Mail says G20 protesters attacked police while they were trying to tend to a dying man.

A German political analyst tells the Moscow Times that Medvedev's visit to Berlin before heading to London shows that Russia and Germany share "remarkable trust" and "well-coordinated positions."

A Prague Post editorial says the Czech Republic, currently head of the EU, should blame itself for Obama stopping in its capitol for "courtesy calls" only.

The Times asks, Did Michelle Obama break protocol by hugging the queen? (Her Majesty didn't flinch.)

--Seyward Darby