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Tension Tags Along With Obama: More European Headlines

On his grand European tour, Obama is now in France for a NATO meeting--and, according to the regional press, anti-West sentiment has yet to cool.  

Criticizing Obama, a columnist for Der Spiegel says "the the change of government in Washington has not brought a return to self-restraint and solidity."

"A State of Siege": 300 protesters have been arrested in Strasbourg, Obama's second European stop, RFI reports.

In, Eric Le Boucher writes, "if you believe, like me, that American consumption is no longer the [economic] motor we should count on, then the countries with trade surpluses--those who still have room to maneuver--must step up." (translated) 

A London Times columnist says some of the European protesters have real concerns world leaders aren't willing to address.

A Moscow Times contributor says that, despite looming issues "fraught with potential conflicts... we can expect some improvement in U.S.-Russian relations."

The Daily Mail reports that the Queen told Italy's Berlusconi to hush during a G20 photo shoot.

--Seyward Darby and Barron YoungSmith