On his grand European tour, Obama is now in France for a NATO meeting--and, according to the regional press, anti-West sentiment has yet to cool.  

Criticizing Obama, a columnist for Der Spiegel says "the the change of government in Washington has not brought a return to self-restraint and solidity."

"A State of Siege": 300 protesters have been arrested in Strasbourg, Obama's second European stop, RFI reports.

In Slate.fr, Eric Le Boucher writes, "if you believe, like me, that American consumption is no longer the [economic] motor we should count on, then the countries with trade surpluses--those who still have room to maneuver--must step up." (translated) 

A London Times columnist says some of the European protesters have real concerns world leaders aren't willing to address.

A Moscow Times contributor says that, despite looming issues "fraught with potential conflicts... we can expect some improvement in U.S.-Russian relations."

The Daily Mail reports that the Queen told Italy's Berlusconi to hush during a G20 photo shoot.

--Seyward Darby and Barron YoungSmith