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Obama Draws A Line In Europe

Politico's Martin:

[Obama] decried “an anti-Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious.” And he suggested that America had done its part to break with the past — not least of all by electing him — and now it was time for Europe to do the same.

“America is changing but it cannot be America alone that changes,” he said.

He ticked off exactly what steps the U.S. was taking — mentioning the closure of Guantanamo, promising not to torture and pledging his support for addressing climate change — but it wasn’t until he took questions that he starkly reminded Europe of the burden they must share with the United States.

“Al Qaeda is still a threat,” Obama reminded the audience. “We cannot pretend somehow that because Barack Hussein Obama got elected as president, suddenly everything is going to be OK.”

One way to translate that: Let's see some more help in Afghanistan.

--Michael Crowley