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Who Won Tnr's March Madness Pool?

March Madness is over, and the president has hailed the victors. How did our TNR bracket participants stack up?

Well, the winner is ... Jason Fleming. Congratulations, Mr. Fleming, and please email your contact information to byoungsmith at That way, you will receive a copy of TNR's next issue, hand-autographed and numbered 1 of 1 by the staffer of your choice. There might also be a mystery item, depending on if Noam does or does not lock his door the night before we send the package.

Anyway, Matthew Tokson, John Boonstra, William Airhart, and Donald Blackton rounded out the top five. I guess I won among the TNR folks by coming in eighth.

If we were all in the same physical location, I would suggest that we line up, shake each others' hands, and tell each other bracketeer "good game." But that's just me being sentimental.

Click here for a complete list of the final rankings. Thanks everybody.

--Barron YoungSmith