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Romney Weighs In On Iowa Gay Marriage

Okay, not Romney himself, but his longtime aide, Eric Fehrnstrom, who pens a column for the Des Moines Register telling Iowans what to expect based on his experiences in Massachusetts:

The next few years will not be happy times for the Hawkeye state. Battles lines will be drawn. Neighbors will be pitted against neighbors. Extremists on both sides will turn Iowa into ground zero in the nation's culture wars.

Fehrnstrom then goes on to lay out what he thinks are five biggest myths about gay marriage, but the only "myth" he debunks that might reassure Iowans (or at least some of them) is that the gays won't overrun the Hawkeye State. All the other myths he seeks to debunk--including  "it won't affect the schools" and "religion won't be undermined"--seem designed more to enflame than quell tensions in Iowa. In other words, Fehrnstrom seems to be doing a lot to make sure his prediction that the next few years won't be happy times for the Hawkeye state comes true. Which, of course, could help Romney's cause in the Iowa Caucuses if he runs for president again in 2012.

--Jason Zengerle