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Meghan Mccain's Path To Publishing Fame

I must admit, I'll be interested to see the results of Meghan McCain's nice fat book-contract--and, if the subject is anything like her recent critiques of the GOP, how it sells.

Traditionally, conservative hotties do best with books that have as their themes--and preferably their titles--inflammatory nonsense along the lines of Why the Left is Made up Entirely of Ugly, Incontinent, Birkenstock-Wearing Neomarxists and Liberals: Evil Incarnate? or Simply Godless, Traitorous, Proponents of Bestiality? Such saucy talk really gets their male fans' blood a' pumpin'. Then again, Laura Ingraham has already deemed McCain too Rubenesque to be a legit member of the lean and leggy sorority.

Still, if McCain is looking to cash in big time on the eternal resentment, paranoia, and rage of her party's base, she definitely should go the demagogue route. If she's looking to say something new and different and potentially helpful to her party, the path is less clear.

--Michelle Cottle