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What The Arabs Have Lost

The prominent Algerian jounalist Anwar Malek has given an interview to Al-Jazeera. And Al-Jazeera has had it telecast. You can be sure that no one at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (C.P.B.) would sanction a showing of this bruiser on American television. Malek's argument seems a bit overblown even to me. But the network, based in Qatar and owned by the Qatari royals, is certainly no pimp for Israel or "the Jewish lobby." So there are two questions to take away from this savvy informant's repartee are: 1) can you disprove his major assertions about the Arabs, in general, and its implications for Arab polities, in particular? 2) why would Palestine be different? Ask George Mitchell who now can't even deal with Salaam Fayad who's been dismissed, one of the only honest dudes in the Palestinian politburo.