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Tea Party Hearty

The Tea Party "movement" may at last have found its in conservative entertainer Lloyd Marcus, who has crafted it an anthem that sounds an awful lot like the theme song of some would-be-groovy sitcom from the 1970s:


You can read about the whole giddy roller-coaster ride his life has been since he debuted the hyper-literally titled "Tea Party Anthem" here. And, of course, you can purchase the song from iTunes for $0.99 because, as the lyrics themselves advertise, "freedom ain't free."

Blockbuster that this is, however, I think I still prefer Lloyd's more intimate cover of the early Hall & Oates hit, "Sara Smile," which he tenderly retooled for the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee (sample lyric: "she'll drill for oil, and keep taxes low... make us energy free, yeeeeeaaaah, and has the guts to say so"):


With any luck, a Palin presidential bid in 2012 will inspire Lloyd to tackle Starship's 1985 hit "Sara." Because let's face it, no time is a good time for goodbye.

--Christopher Orr