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How Miserable Is It Being A College Basketball Recruiter?

This miserable. From an round table with four top high school seniors that included a question about who was the best recruiter they came across:

Xavier Henry: Memphis' Josh Pastner never left me alone for a second. He's always awake. He was on top of it. He knows what your mom and brother are doing. He knows all the numbers in his head. No phone. All by memory. That was impressive. He'd call me at 7 a.m. sharp on Saturdays. I never picked up. I'd wake up and say "Oh my god" then just let voicemail answer. The messages were always like, "Memphis Tigers! Memphis Tigers!" He's always positive. He'd say, "Call me, X! Call me, X! Call me, X!" like 12 times before letting go. "You know the number. Call me!"

--Jason Zengerle