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Could Rudy Boost Gay Marriage?

According to the New York Post's Fred Dricker:

Rudy Giuliani is declaring war on gay marriage -- vowing to use his strong opposition of it against the Democrats if he runs for governor next year.

Ben Smith argues that Rudy isn't a very good anti-gay marriage spokesman since he was a very pro-gay mayor both politically and personally--going so far as to live with a gay couple after he separated from his wife and moved out of Grace Mansion. But I think that could actually bolster Rudy's anti-gay marriage bona fides, since he can legitimately argue that he supports gays and lesbians--he favors civil unions, for instance--he just doesn't believe they should be permitted to get married. 

The problem with Rudy's war on gay marriage is his own history with the institution: he's currently on wife number three. Since one of the most frequently made arguments against gay marriage is that it will weaken the institution of marriage for straights, I can't imagine a better foil than Rudy for those who favor gay marriage. What's Rudy going to say? If there was gay marriage in New York, he wouldn't be on wife number three but wife number six?

--Jason Zengerle