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A Brief Twitter Follow-up

(Though not so brief I could actually tweet it...)

In response to my post on (er, about) Twitter the other day, commenter rozenson opined:

[W]hat I hate is that Twitter gets so much attention while literally nobody I know uses it. Businesses, politicians, the media -- all the grown-ups -- are trying to reach out to us kids by being "hip" and tweeting, but it really comes across as condescending more than anything else.

Then, today, Seyward flagged the following:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat best-known for directing his city to recognize same-sex marriage in 2004, announced today that he's running for governor of California. But there was no rally or speech. He spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. "It's official- running for Gov of CA. Wanted you to be the first to know," he told his Twitter followers.

On the one hand, I suppose this keeps with Newsom's reputation as a young, with-it politician. On the other hand, I cringe at the idea that he might say, upon victory or defeat in 2010, "We launched this campaign last year with a single Tweet."  

Well, either a young, with-it politician or an older person's idea of a young, with-it politician...

P.S For what it's worth, Seyward, perhaps unlike Newsom and his handlers, really is young and with-it. This post was directed at them, not her, in case that wasn't clear.

--Noam Scheiber