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A Final Word About Summers And Test Scores

For what it's worth, I just wanted to weigh in with a brief defense of Zubin's post on Summers and female test scores, which has inspired some heated remarks in comments. I read the post before it went live and, as I understood it, the point wasn't to indict Summers and re-litigate the whole unfortunate Harvard controversy; it was to shed some light on the question Summers raised--which, as it happens, was the whole point of him raising it in the first place. (Anyone who wants to know how I feel about the original controversy can see this post from last year.) Yes, there were a couple small mistakes in the original item--this blogging business is harder than it looks, believe me. And we've corrected them, as we should. But they were largely beside the point, which, again, was to advance a scientific debate people clearly care a lot about.

--Noam Scheiber