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Memorial Day is only spottily observed in the United States. Or "do you want an another hamburger?"

This is not so in Israel.

Actually, there are two memorial days on the Israeli calendar. The first is to commemorate the fallen soldiers of Israel and to recall also the victims of Arab terrorism. Each group is considerable. There is hardly an Israel family that hasn't experienced one of these dreadful realities. That's why the marking of such losses is both dignified and quiet.

The second memorial day is Yom Ha'shoah, in solemn recognition of the more than six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, among them 1.5 million children. The German government has recently discovered another mass grave with nearly 700 Jewish victims disposed of in it, and Berlin has already begun the macabre excavation.

Yom Ha'shoah is observed by two minutes of silence everywhere in Israel. Take a look at the cessation of work and play and even the routine of driving.

And then there follows a small but symbolic gesture of the military strength which will  protect the national embodiment of the Jewish people from the death happening that at least Iran envisions.