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Time To Call It Pakaf?


Holbrooke and Jacob J. "Jack" Lew, deputy secretary of state for management and resources, spent much of yesterday meeting with members of Congress to build support for the plan to quickly and significantly increase development and military assistance to Pakistan, and to reassure them the administration is on top of the fast-moving situation.

The president is also "pressing" his national security team, "making sure we're updating our policy and strategy to reflect the changing situation," one senior administration official said.

The administration is recalibrating the schedule drawn up for a May 6 and 7 meeting here among Obama and the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The trilateral summit, Holbrooke said yesterday, "was conceived in an atmosphere that has now changed significantly, and the focus is increasingly on Pakistan."

Key question: Is General Kiyani up to the challenge?

--Michael Crowley