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Cheney Unchained?

A longtime reader checks in:

I loved this paragraph from the NYT's "Cheney unbound" article that Michelle cited on Friday:

But some conservatives, feeling beleaguered these days, are grateful that Mr. Cheney is speaking out. John R. Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations and a close ally of his, said that after having to hew publicly to Mr. Bush’s views, Mr. Cheney might be feeling liberated. “It’s about time he had a chance to get his voice back,” Mr. Bolton said. “There’s no cone of silence now.”

That must be it--the Vice Presidency was a gilded cage! After being gagged and bound for eight years, it's nice that Cheney can finally express his policy views. If only President Bush hadn't silenced him, imagine what he could have accomplished!
Michael Crowley