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Sick With Worry: Tnr's Complete Swine Flu Coverage

Dispatch from Mexico City
Life comes to a standstill as the government tries to respond to the flu outbreak.
By Mary Cuddehe

Assessing the U.S. Government's Response
Better to over-prepare than under-prepare.
By Howard Markel

Blame Susan Collins!
Would more pork have protected us against swine flu?
By Suzy Khimm

How Scared Should We Be?
An interview with Sandro Galea, professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan
By Seyward Darby

Worried About Flu? Reform Health Care!
How the flaws of our current system could exacerbate an epidemic.
By Jonathan Cohn

Slideshow: Pandemic Potential
In today's TNR slideshow, we review the tragic consequences of past global pandemics.