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Tnr On The Newest Senate Democrat

Arlen Specter Switching Parties?
The scoop, the Senator's statement, and more.
by Michael Crowley

What a Specter Shift Means--and Doesn't Mean 
Specter's switch is a big deal. But not for the reasons you think.
by Jonathan Cohn

They Wish They Were in Dixie
GOP, say good-bye to the Rust Belt.
by Christopher Orr

Again, Why Would Democrats Want Specter?
What's in it for the Dems?
by Jason Zengerle

That Is One Mighty Big Wing
Michael Steele on Specter: characteristically confused.
by Christopher Orr

Unprincipled Hack (D-PA)
Specter would join the Communist Party if it let him keep his Senate seat.
by Jonathan Chait

When Specter Tipped His Hand...
Did the Senator drop hints on Monday?
by Noam Scheiber

Are Collins and Snowe Next? 
Why the ladies from Maine might also defect. (Or not).
by Jason Zengerle

What Goes Around
Making sense of Specter's long, confounding career.
by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Did Specter and the Dems Miscalculate?
The Democrats have a problem here...
by Jonathan Chait

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Arlen's hurt Michael Steele's feelings!
by Michelle Cottle

Leave Pat Toomey Alooone!
Running a right-wing conservative in PA: not a totally crazy idea.
by Jonathan Chait

I Was Against Card Check Before I Was For It (3/27/09)
Arlen Specter's shameless flip-flop.
by Amanda Silverman