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Tnr Slideshow: Heirs-unapparent

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's youngest son has reportedly been appointed "instructor" at the powerful National Defense Commission. Following reports of Kim's faltering health, this indicates that Kim Jong-Un is being groomed to eventually lead. Pictured here at the age of 11, the 26-year-old was educated in Switzerland, speaks fluent English, and follows NBA basketball. His eldest brother was rumored to be the heir-apparent until he tried to sneak into Tokyo's Disney resort using a fake passport in 2001; and according to Kim's former sushi chef, the Dear Leader thinks his middle son "girlish," leaving Jong-Un in line for his father's post.

Historically, leaders have often been succeeded by their children ... but not always. Click through today's TNR slideshow to meet the offspring of past and present dictators who had other things in mind.

--Alexander Wolf

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