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Wonks Are Cool. Health Wonks Are Really Cool.

The biweekly Health Wonk Review, a rotating roundtable of the web's best writing on health policy, is now posted here. Hosting today is Bob Laszewski, the veteran industry and policy consultant who runs the Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review.

Don't be put off by the long name. It's a smart blog and this guy knows his stuff, even if he tends to be a lot more pessimistic about reform than I am.

Actually, he and I agree that the biggest challenge is finding the money to pay for universal coverage. The difference is that I think we can overcome that challenge, albeit with some hard political work. Laszewski isn't buying that argument, at least not yet.

In any event, if you care enough about health care to read The Treatment, you should probably be reading HWR, too. So what are you waiting for? Click over already. Your inner wonk will be happy.

--Jonathan Cohn