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Beauty Queen Is Perfect For Anti-gay-marriage Movement

I think Zengerle is looking at this Miss-USA-contestant-becomes-anti-gay-marriage-crusader thing all wrong.

Perhaps inadvertently, the National Organization for Marriage has found itself the ideal spokesgal: Like the anti-gay marriage movement, the entire Miss USA pageant is an anachronism--as it's consistently abysmal ratings make abundantly clear. Fancy new breast implants notwithstanding, Miss California USA is a slickly packaged throwback to a more comforting, familiar era when girls were girls, men were men, and small-town cuties from all over this country dreamed of growing up to attain the femine ideal of the eternally-smiling-buxom-yet-wholesome beauty queen.

These days, girls can wed girls, men can wed men--and all the small-town cuties dream of winning American Idol.

--Michelle Cottle