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The Trial Of A Scumbag

You do remember Ilan Halimi, the French Jewish young man who was tortured and then murdered in Paris three years ago, don't you?  Well, his killer, Youssouf Fofana, is now on trial in a court of law.  A Jerusalem Post article describes the first day of the proceedings.  The defendant behaves the way someone who ran the 24-day atrocity with 21 other Muslim perpetrators, both Arab and African, would: proud, defiant, even threatening.  And, of course, these third world heroes attacked their victim sexually, as well.  You can speculate about why an unbelievably repressive culture finds such assaults gratifying.

Who, by the way, would take such a defense? One of Fofana's lawyers was on Saddam Hussein's lawyers. The other had a jailhouse romance with "Carlos the Jackal." Nice company. Nice cause.