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Tnr On Jack Kemp

Upon the passing of Republican politician Jack Kemp on Sunday, TNR has compiled a selection of articles on the late Congressman and VP candidate written from 1990 through today:

Jack Kemp. R.I.P., by John Judis (5/4/09). "In Jack Kemp’s office at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he served as secretary under George H.W. Bush, a larger-than-life photograph of Kemp, fading back to pass, adorned an entire wall. It was the most important thing to know about Kemp the politician, who died yesterday at age 73 ..."

TRB From Washington: The Michael 1 Man, by Jonathan Chait (11/4/96). "But Kemp's set of ideas isn't idiosyncratic. It isn't even a set of ideas. It's one basic idea, and Kemp is the first to admit he didn't think it up himself. In fact, no American politician is easier to categorize than Jack Kemp ..."

The Quarterback, by I am in Jack Kemp's press pool today mainly because no one else wants to be; no one else wants to be because tagging along with the running mate of a presidential candidate who trails by sixteen points with forty-three days to go is not journalism but a death watch ..."

Now They Tell Us, by "Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Representative Newt Gingrich and Housing Secretary Jack Kemp want conservatives to launch a big new war on poverty. Nothing like the collapse of communism is available to explain this domestic-policy turnaround ..."