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There Are No Differences Between Bush And Obama, Say The Persians

While many (but not all) neo-cons and even some defense Democrats are downright hysterical at what they think is Obama's pandering to the old partners in evil, the Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said in last Friday's sermon that there wasn't an inch between the current president and the last. (No, this is not the "reformist" Khatami in whom people, many Westerners included, had invested so much hope. He turned out to have no cojones.) Ahmad Khatami is a member of the Assembly of Experts, the equivalent of the Supreme Soviet.  

Among his pithy sayings was this one, addressed to us Americans: "If America Was a Human Being, We'd Talk With It." Such civilized people. But maybe, as Roger Cohen chastised me, I shoudn't get "distracted" by one or two men intermittently using vile and hateful language.

dispatchTehran Times