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A New Way Of Thinking About The Gop's Troubles

Back when I was a professional journalist, one of my main goals was to combine questionable biological, historical, and sports metaphors in one paragraph.  I never succeeded in this endeavor, though not for lack of effort. But, kudos to Michael Grunwald for pulling off such a feat in his new story on the state of the Republican Party:

So are the Republicans going extinct? And can the death march be stopped? The Washington critiques of the Republican Party as powerless, leaderless and rudderless--the new Donner party--are not very illuminating. Minority parties always look weak and inept in the penalty box.

Let's hope they hold off on the cannibalism until after the power play ends. On balance, though, Grunwald's piece is actually pretty good, so check it out.

--Josh Patashnik