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Elizabeth Edwards--oversharer?


Since the release of her dishy second memoir Resilience, Elizabeth Edwards has been everywhere: Oprah, Larry King Live, The Today Show, The Daily Show, The View. ... But is her media blitz (and penchant for oversharing) a surprise? Hanna Rosin profiled Edwards for TNR in 2007, during her husband's presidential campaign:

[T]he Edwardses always invited the cameras in. Outside of the Clintons, no other campaign is as much of a family affair. Their 25-year-old daughter Cate campaigns, and their younger children live a Truman Show existence, traveling with their parents and sometimes talking to the press. Their staff says the couple embodies the aphorism that "the personal is the political." In the last campaign, aides were often called on to put in the car seats or stock the fridge or find a video. Once a staffer was dispatched to find water wings--in Iowa, in the winter--because, after his events, John liked to swim with Emma Claire and Jack in the hotel pool.


At the spouse forum, all the other wives fretted about "your life getting sucked out from under you," as Michelle Obama put it. But Elizabeth had no patience with that line. "Whichever one of us wins, our life is going to be an open book, so you might as well start practicing and let people embrace you," she lectured them. "You have to open the window and pull back the curtains and let people see whatever it is."

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Photo courtesy of Brian Snyder/Reuters