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Elizabeth Edwards's Screwy Timeline

In her interview with Larry King last night, Elizabeth Edwards had this to say about the National Enquirer, which, of course, broke the story of her husband's affaire with Rielle Hunter:

KING: All right. When the story first appeared -- talking about "Resilience," when the story first appeared in the tabloids, a friend had to mention it to you, did you see this in the Enquirer?


KING: What did you say?

EDWARDS: You know, I remember a long time ago standing in a line and seeing a picture in front of one these tabloid magazines of an old plane surrounded by dust. And they said, "Abandoned World War II Plane Found on the Face of the Moon."

And I thought, you know, isn't it odd that, you know, CNN and ABC and everybody missed this story that was picked up by this tabloid. At the same time that the stories appeared about John, there was exactly the similar stories appearing about now President Obama.

You know, this is the fodder that they have.

KING: So you dismissed them.

EDWARDS: I dismissed them. [Emphasis added.]

But the Enquirer story came out in October 2007, which, by Elizabeth's own account, was nearly a year after her husband confessed his affair to her. How could she dismiss the Enquirer story when she knew it was true?!

P.S. I suppose Elizabeth is hanging her dismissal of the Enquirer story on a technicality here: In John's initial confession, he said he'd only cheated on her once; the Enquirer alleged an ongoing affair with Hunter. Still, that seems pretty nitpicky.

--Jason Zengerle