Alex Sink, currently Florida's Chief Financial Officer, is going to enter the governor's race there. I think she'll make a pretty formidable candidate. I spent a little time with her back in 2002, when I was working on a piece about her husband Bill McBride's (ultimately ill-fated) gubernatorial campaign against Jeb Bush. I remember coming away from that experience thinking she'd be a more impressive candidate than her husband. Now I'll get a chance to find out if my initial hunch was right. Of course, when I first encountered Sink, the fact that she was a former Bank of America exec seemed like a plus. That's obviously not the case today--although she left BofA's employ in 2000, which should give her sufficient political distance from its current problems. One weird fact about her that will always be a plus (at least in my book): she's the great granddaughter of one of the original Siamese twins. There aren't too many pols who can claim their family has served as the basis of a Darin Strauss novel.

--Jason Zengerle