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Pelosi On The Ropes

I've already posted on Nancy Pelosi and the torture torments of the country. It is actually a grave matter. But had she not leapt on it as an opportunity for partisan warfare the graces would have left her firmly in power, the second most powerful Democratic politician in the country. Alas, she didn't let stand the president's dour compromise of permitting the waterboarding issue simply exhaust itself. Instead, she wanted blood and, for her, blood was that the Agency hadn't informed the appropriate congressional higher-ups (which she means her and her underlings) that it was doing some dicey things to monstrous men.  Well, as it happens, the CIA did inform the requisite gentlemen and ladies of the House and Senate about its indelicate ministrations; and it had informed on itself as early as nine years ago. 

I don't know whether Pelosi is really "on the ropes," as Peter Wehner suggests in Contentions, a precision fine analysis about what occurred.  But she has pushed her political vanity and recklessness so far that it would be better for the Democrats and for the country if she were not "on the ropes" but "out of the picture."

UPDATE: I just tweaked the last line to better capture what I meant.