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Gotta Get Back In Time

It's not merely, as Jason noted, that Michael Steele's pledge to focus on "winning the future" is an old Newt retread; it's that the future he wants to focus on looks an awful lot like the past:

The Republican Party has turned a corner, and as we move forward Republicans should take a lesson from Ronald Reagan. Again, we’re not looking back – if President Reagan were here today he would have no patience for Americans who looked backward. Ronald Reagan always believed Republicans should apply our conservative principles to current and future challenges facing America.

Ah yes: Look back to the lessons of past leader President Reagan, who taught us not to look back to past leaders. It's perhaps worth noting that this self-annuling recommendation appeared not in extemporaneous comments but in an "Ideas piece" penned by Steele.

In related news, David Weigel has been compiling a list of post-election GOP reboot attempts, already up to seven.

(via  Patrick Appel)

--Christopher Orr