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Terrorist Lovers Killed Terri Schiavo

This bit of polemic just landed with a thud in my inbox: Mercy for the Terrorist: Death to Terri Schiavo.

I realize many people felt very passionately about the Schiavo tragedy--even those who weren't looking to use it as a partisan rallying point. But it was a controversial issue even among Republicans, and I cannot imagine that this kind of overheated, name-calling, anyone-who-doesn't-see-things-our-way-is-an-agent-of-death-and-satan rhetoric wins many converts. 

Then again, these days (as we're seeing on the Supreme Court front) the goal of anxious conservative groups is, as often as not, to rally the faithful to open their wallets. I guess if that's your aim, the more inflammatory the better.

--Michelle Cottle