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Death Of The Yogurt King

 How's this for a fantastic obit headline:

Daniel Carasso, a Pioneer of Yogurt, Dies at 103

(The header in the NYT print edition is even catchier: "Daniel Carasso, 103, a Pioneer of Yogurt.")

The entry itself is worth a read. Honorary chairman of the Group Danone, Carasso was the guy who transformed Dannon yogurt (created by Carasso's father in Barcelona in 1919 and named after Daniel, whose Catalan nickname was Danon) from an exotic ethnic dish into a mass-market snack. All it took was adding strawberry jam to the mix to accomodate Americans' devotion to the sugar gods. Multiple buyouts and product-line expansions later, the company reported revenues last year of $19 billion.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go search my kitchen for obscure foodstuffs to which I can add jam.  

--Michelle Cottle