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Stanley Kauffmann: 50 Years At Tnr

My shining hero remains Stanley Kauffmann of , as incisive and penetrating as ever at 92. I don't give him points for his age, which anyone can attain simply by living long enough, but for his criticism. Study any review and try to find a wrong or unnecessary word.

--Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

This year, TNR's esteemed film critic, Stanley Kauffmann, celebrates his 50th anniversary with the magazine. To honor Stanley and his illustrious career, we have created a site, featuring exclusive interviews with senior editor Ruth Franklin, choice reviews from the archives, excerpts from his autobiography, and more! We'll also be posting each video on The Plank over the next few months.

To start us off, Kauffmann reveals how he fell into the world of film criticism. This one might surprise you.

How the Mafia Got Kauffmann into Film Criticism:

--Ben Eisler