Hmmm. I'm tickled by Chris's theory that the bizarro RNC ad comparing Pelosi to Pussy Galore is a veiled suggestion that the Speaker is a lesbian. But, come on: Do we really think that most of the clowns running the GOP even realize that the villain-turned-heroine in Goldfinger is a lesbian?

On the other hand, there are plenty of guys who like to snicker about how tough, powerful broads really just need a good hard shag to jerk them into line. If I had to guess what unflattering culture caricature the RNC is going for with this ad, it's more along the lines of tarring the Democratic party as chock full of spaghetti-kneed girly men being ordered around by a ball-busting bitch in desperate need of a real man to show her who's boss. Spinning that plot line out to its Bond-esque climax: A quick tussle with Rush Limbaugh or Dick Cheney and, whammo, Nancy throws off her silly liberal breeches and signs up to aid the Right-thinking heroes of our global battle against evil.

OK. Now I'm queasy. Better that we just assume that the people at the RNC have indeed lost their marbles.

--Michelle Cottle