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The Sane And The Insane

See if you can determine which is which.

Mark Levin to a caller on his radio show (via Conor Friedersdorf):

Answer me this, are you a married woman? Yes or no?... Well I don’t know why your husband doesn’t put a gun to his temple. Get the hell out of here.

David Frum on Mark Levin:

Imagine some commuter - a nonpolitical person, a family man or woman, a taxpayer and billpayer - who happens to flip the dial on the radio on the way home and hears that exchange. What would such a person think? Wouldn't it be something like, "I dont know what's wrong with that horrible man, but I do know this: whatever side he's on, any decent person would have to be on the opposite"?

Robert Stacy McCain on Mark Levin and his critics:

It is therefore not surprising that the effete elite of American journalism sneers at Mark Levin. What Levin possesses -- and what the typical 21st-century journalist never has possessed nor ever will -- is the double-dog-dare-ya boyish audacity that the Ordinary American naturally admires.

Levin insulted [his caller] because she deserved to be insulted, and for every Conor Friedersdorf who was shocked -- shocked! -- by Levin's abrasiveness, there were at least a hundred normal guys driving home from work who reflexively slapped the dashboard and said, "Hell, yeah! You tell 'er, Mark!"

Mark Levin is such a success, a man who fights and wins.... One more thing: Mark Levin is a big man. His nasal tenor voice might lead the uninformed listener to picture him as a diminuitive nebbish. He is not. He's the size of a Big 10 linebacker and I'd bet dollars to donuts Levin could take out Rod Dreher with a single punch.

Freddie deBoer on Robert Stacy McCain:

And this, once again, is the central contradiction of the movement conservative pundit, men who regularly mock nerdy philosophizers when they are, in fact, nerdy philosophizers. Robert Stacey McCain isn’t, actually, some character from a Bruce Springsteen video. He’s a writer and thinker, a guy who pals around at Washington magazine parties and think tank frou-fras. He is most assuredly not one of the Ordinary Americans he is here glamorizing. This was the glaring idiocy of the Sarah Palin boosters within the conservative intelligentsia from last year, people decrying liberal elitists when in every material way, they themselves resembled those liberal elitists far more than they resembled what they believed Palin represented. It takes a special lack of self-knowledge to write an insidery, navel-gazing post about how much you hate navel-gazing insiders, but then, it takes a special lack of self-knowledge to regularly decry intellectualism underneath a quote from Arthur Koestler.

--Christopher Orr