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More Reagan Worship Kitsch

The cover story of the Weekly Standard is called "Reagan in Opposition: The Lessons of 1977," by Noemie Emerie. It's a lengthy account of how Ronald Reagan spent 1977, one which you will find gripping, if you're surprised to learn that he gave speeches and radio addresses denouncing communism and calling for limited government. My favorite part of the piece is the last two sentences:

This is what Reagan did while in opposition. It is what conservatives could start doing right now.

That's the whole argument. After nearly 5,000 words detailing Reagan's activities, Emerie concludes by asserting that conservatives today should follow his example. You'd think she would feel the need to write at least a couple paragraphs explaining why Reagan's approach is well-suited to the current political landscape, but no. In conservative circles that step is simply assumed.

--Jonathan Chait