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Your Daily Treatment, First Dose!

Some of you may have noticed that Treatment posts tend to be a bit long. OK, more than a bit long. I like to think that reflects a commitment to nuance and depth. Or maybe I just need an editor.

In any event, those mini-disquisitions take a while to write. And, lately, I've been having trouble keeping up with all the news, now that the health debate is moving forward. So, beginning today, I'll be posting a daily roundup of articles, news, and commentary that's worth checking out.

I'm calling it The Daily Treatment. Hopefully it won't taste like medicine.

--Jonathan Cohn

Liberals for changing the health insurance tax exclusion: Bob Reich and Ezra Klein.

Atul Gawande writes the best piece I've ever read on the high cost of medicine.

The Massachusetts Experiment: Better than you've heard, but facing some problems as well.

Afraid that health reform will mean new taxes? FamiliesUSA reminds us that we already pay a hidden tax