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Grading The Talkies

In honor of Up, Time's Richard Corliss catalogues the most memorable vocal performances in the Pixar oeuvre by picking one from each of the studio's ten films--which seems a little silly, given that some of the pictures have multiple standouts and others (say, A Bug's Life) lack any that are terribly memorable.

A few of Corliss's choices are indisputable--Ellen DeGeneres's delightful Dory in Finding Nemo, Brad Bird's glorious Edna Mode in The Incredibles--but others seem a bit of a stretch. John Ratzenberger may have appeared in all 10 Pixar films, but is his performance in A Bug's Life really superior to Kevin Spacey's or David Hyde Pierce's? Yes, Mary Gibbs was awfully good for a 2 1/2-year-old in Monster's Inc., but better than John Goodman? And no offense to Ratatouille''s Patton Oswalt, but choosing him over Peter O'Toole's Anton Ego, whose closing disquisition on the role of the critic pretty much made the film, is simply nuts.

Update: For any who missed them, my review of Up is here, and a brief Q&A with director Pete Docter is here.

--Christopher Orr