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Obamania In Cairo

CAIRO-- The enthusiasm for Obama in this city, at least in the touristy areas through which I strolled today, is almost comical. Every taxi driver or store merchant says something to the effect of, "Obama very good!" An elevator operator asked where I was from, then added: "You like Obama?" These comments have mostly seemed quite authentic--although now I have to wonder: Tonight a cab driver regaled me with a series of comments like "Obama number one!" until we reached our destination, at which point he quoted me the pre-arranged fare and added: "And five more--from Obama!" I chuckled, and he smiled. Then he said it again. I joked that maybe he could ask Obama for the extra five, at which point he raised his voice and snapped: "Five from Obama! Five from Obama!" Finally I got out and walked away, leaving incoherent grumbling in my wake.

Did people do this when JFK went abroad?

--Michael Crowley

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