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Your Daily Treatment, Tisalbiwoala* Edition

A GOOFY IDEA: Sometimes efficiency solutions from elsewhere in the private sector can improve heatlh care. And sometimes they can't. Over at the "Health Business Blog," David Williams explains why you can't just run your local emergency room like Disney World, even if it already seems like a Mickey Mouse operaiton.

WHAT TO DO WITH RIGHT-WING SPAM: Joe Paduda, blogger at Managed Care Matters, gets some spam mail from Grace Marie-Turner and the right-wing Galen Institute, asking for submissions on the "dangers of government health care and the benefits of free market reforms." He doesn't get angry. He just writes back.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT: Ever wonder how much insurance company CEOs make? Then click this link from FierceHealthcare

SMART TALK: And did you ever wonder what Christine Roemer thinks about health care? Ezra Klein interviewed her. Worth a read.