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Tnr's Cairo Coverage

Just Like Bush, by Michael Crowley
Obama's rhetoric in the speech was very similar to Bush's. So why is he having a greater impact? 

More Than Words, by Shmuel Rosner
A columnist in Tel Aviv hopes that Obama can back up his rhetoric with real action.

The Morning After, by Eric Calderwood.
What Arab news outlets are saying a day after the speech.

Was Cairo the Right Place To Speak? by Larry Diamond
Why did Obama choose to speak in Egypt without directly challenging its authoritarian government?

A Break From Star-Gazing, by Martin Peretz
Doubting the speech's greatness.

Muslims In America, by Jason Zengerle
Noting the achievements of Muslim-Americans like Representative Keith Ellison will help Obama win over Muslims abroad.

An American in Cairo, by William Galston
Galston hears an Obama who, like Ronald Reagan, feels that we're living through a truly historic moment.

Speech Reaction From the Arab World, by Eric Calderwood
Surveying responses to the Cairo speech in the Arab media.

A Dissent, by James Kirchick
The trouble with Obama's Cairo speech.

TNR Slideshow: The Speech Heard Round The Middle East
TNR takes a look at Middle Easterners watching the speech, from Morocco to a settlement in Nablus.