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Mark Levinsane

Hilarious, isn't it? See, I combined the name of talk-radio hothead Mark Levin with the word "insane" in order to take him down a peg and/or hurt his feelings.

I'm forced to confess, however, that I borrowed this witty, elegant--oh, let's call it what it is: riotously clever--idea from Levin himself, who has posted links to some of his more prominent conservative detractors (a.k.a. "the World's Most Deranged Bloggers") on his site, calling out by name "Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Squish," "Conor Friedersdork [too funny!] - The American Obscene," "David Frum - The New Bizzarity," and "Rod Dreher - Crunchy Conman."

I'm certain every one of his victims feels the abject humiliation that only preadolescent name calling can provoke and they'll consider avoiding recess for the rest of the week. But seriously guys, step carefully: Any more criticism and Levin might start threatening noogies.

--Christopher Orr