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The War On Twitter--still Raging

Okay, just wanted to briefly rekindle the old anti-Twitter crusade, per that Twitter study Zubin mentioned just now. My favorite finding: “Among Twitter users, the median number of lifetime tweets per user is one.”

Sounds like the people are voting with their fingers.

Update: Reader I.N. writes in with this quibble:

The discrepancy in "tweets" to "twitterers" is explained by my own model of Twitter use: I have never "tweeted," instead only using my account to subscribe to various news outlets' Twitter accounts. I am able to keep track of upwards of a dozen websites (including tnr) on a single page that gives priority only to time stamp (as opposed to hiding interesting links in strange places or even off the homepage). Ironically, I saw your post "The War on Twitter-Still Raging" via my Twitter home page.

Fair enough. But, alas, this is war--you're either with me or the twitterers. I think I.N. has chosen his side...

--Noam Scheiber