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From The Country That Gave Us Benny Hill

Pardon my immaturity, but does the scandal that's threatening to bring down Gordon Brown's government in Great Britain not read like it was scripted by Benny Hill? Three fun grafs from the NYT:

Ms. Smith announced her resignation earlier this week. She was caught up in the expenses scandal when a newspaper revealed that two adult movies rented by her husband had been charged to her parliamentary expense account. Hazel Blears, the communities minister, also said she would resign after being accused of failing to declare capital gains taxes.

On Friday, Mr. Hutton’s resignation as defense secretary highlighted the struggles among those who were retained, particularly the chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling.

Mr. Brown had signaled his desire to ditch Mr. Darling and replace him with Ed Balls, a close political ally.

--Jason Zengerle