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Blog Triumphalism Watch

Andrew pats himself on the back for all the attention he's been paying to the Iranian elections and takes a shot at the New York Times:

 Meanwhile, the NYT has also suddenly discovered the following story:

In Iran, a Real Race, and Talk of a Sea Change

The Dish keeps you informed - a just a little bit ahead of the New York Times.

Of course, much of what Andrew (and the rest of us, for that matter) know about the Iranian elections comes from reading The New York Times--which has been doing a terrific job of chronicling the campaign there. Indeed, Andrew's first in a series of posts titled "Something Is Happening In Iran" features links to three separate NYT stories; subsequent posts are similarly NYT-dependent.

It reminds me a bit of this exchange between Bill Keller and Jason Jones on The Daily Show's recent segment on the NYT:

JJ: Does it make Huffington Post money?

BK: I don't know how much Huffington Post makes.

JJ: A lot.

BK: The last time I was in Baghdad I didn't see a Huffington Post bureau or a Google bureau or a Drudge Report bureau there, because there isn't one and there isn't going to be one.

JJ: Why?

BK: Because it's expensive, because it's dangerous, it's a lot easier to stay home and riff on the work that somebody else does.

JJ: Much easier, and more fun to read.

It's funny because it's true.

--Jason Zengerle