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Tnr Slideshow: Fox Anchors Go Rogue

This past Wednesday, following the Holocaust Museum shooting, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith expressed anxiety about the spread of Internet conspiracy theories surrounding Barack Obama's birthplace, to which alleged shooter James von Brunn subscribed. "They're on websites, feeding each other the same bunch of hate that's not based in fact, and it's ginning itself up," he observed. "I guess if that's what you want to do with your time, maybe that's what you do, but more and more it seems like people are taking the extra step and getting the gun out."

Smith earned his fair share of right-wing ire for those comments, with Rush Limbaugh accusing him of "whining and moaning and complaining about emails." However, this is hardly the first time a Fox News anchor has dissented from the conservative echo chamber. Click here to see a few other moments when Fox mainstays went rogue.

--Dylan Matthews