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James Von Brunn, Multiculturalist

Andrew Breitbart offers the real reductio ad absurdum:

I’m basically fuming and I’m reading your shit at Gawker right now, saying that this guy’s a rightwing extremist. And it’s such a fucking slander on people like me. This guy went after, this guy was after neocons like me who are conservative. He had the address of The Weekly Standard there. Conservatives believe in individual liberty, they don’t believe in group’s rights. This guy’s a multiculturalist, just like the black studies and the lesbian studies majors on college campuses. This guy was a 9/11 truther. This guy’s hardly a rightwinger. This guy’s political philosophy is more akin to the drivel that you hear on a college campus that delineates us by group, not by individuality.

Sadly, he's not trying to be funny.

--Christopher Orr