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Jim Jones's Weird Mash Note To Rumsfeld

A surprising passage from the WashPost magazine's story about the last days of Donald Rumsfeld:

Even Jim Jones, the retired Marine Corps general who is now President Obama's national security adviser and who had publicly carped about Rumsfeld's leadership, offered supportive parting words. "Those of us who were privileged to serve with you during the entire length of your appointment have not only been fortunate to participate in the outcome of the important issues of our time, but we have also benefited enormously by your unsurpassed example of commitment, energy and dedication," Jones wrote in a letter dated Nov. 20, 2006. "Your loyalty and ability to clearly articulate the enormous complexities of the problems facing the nation ensured that the president was well prepared for the uniquely difficult decision only he can make. I can't imagine a more reliable or more dedicated secretary of defense. If integrity stands as an asset in today's arena, you can be certain that yours is intact as you leave your post." 

This is particularly odd given that Bob Woodward's last book persuasively depicted Jones as having viewed Rummy as an ass....

--Michael Crowley