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What Should Obama Say?

Jeffrey Goldberg says it's time for Obama to make a big speech about the situation in Iran:

History teaches us (see: Carter, Jimmy) that it's important to line up with the Iranian people, not against them. Now is the moment.

Hmm. The Carter comparison seems a bit much at this point (maybe you can make it after Obama lets Khamenei into Sloan-Kettering). But one thing that would be valuable from Obama right now is one of his explanatory speeches--just laying out his understanding of the situation in Iran, conflicting information and all. I know some people are busy hailing this moment as the End of the MSM--and lord knows the cable news channels are doing a crappy job--but, as one friend of mine recently wrote me:

The funny thing is, having read all the crazed twitters today, I actually have less of an idea of what’s going on in Iran.  It’s almost like you need people whose job it is to take conflicting data in a dangerous part of the world and make sense of it.  We could call them reporters…

Or, barring that, maybe the president.

--Jason Zengerle